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Tools & Tips for Literacy & Numeracy

Boys & Girls Club's Literacy and Numeracy programs are keen to promote Literacy and Numeracy for all children and youth, and increasing the exposure to academic material. We have some website to mix up at home literacy, and have FUN while you're doing it... READ ON...

Spotlight On... Open The Doors!

We are moving ever closer to realizing our goal of building a new facility for our Central Saanich Club.  The by-law on rezoning the property has now been passed and adopted. READ ON... 

Tools and Tips - BGC Parenting Program saves families!

Children and youth don’t come with instructions and that’s where our Parenting Programs services can help!  All programs and workshops provide safe, non-judgmental, confidential environments that honour the individual while delivering practical ideas and skill building... READ ON...


Spotlight On... Anney's Closet a great partnership for CHPP

Anney’s Closet is a wonderful resource for the youth served by our Care Home Parenting Program (CHPP) as well as other young women aging out of care and/or leaving group homes. To find out about how our program has benefitted, READ ON...

Tools and Tips - Get Kids Moving Again!

Children just aren’t as active as they used to be. A recent report from Active Healthy Kids Canada — a national organization dedicated to the improvement of fitness in youngsters — found only five per cent are getting the recommended amount of physical activity and just 28 per cent of children walk to school. READ ON...

Spotlight On... Central Saanich Club - A New Forever Home

In the late fall of 2012 our facilities coordi­nator discovered some pretty severe issues at the Central Saanich Club.  After removing existing fixtures and flooring from the boy's washroom in preparation to repair these problems, he found considerable dry and wet rot in the floor joists, floor headers, and wall studs and sheeting. To ensure safety, we opted to close the boy's washroom and are now using only one washroom. Youth need consistent and positive support in a safe environment that they can always depend upon being there - having a permanent home would allow us to provide that consistency for many youth who simply do not always have that in their home. With that in mind we met with Councillor Carl Jensen, our District of Central Saanich liaison, to see if he was aware of any potential properties in the district core that would be suitable... READ ON...


Tools and Tips - NetSmartz online safety workshops

NetSmartz Workshop is an interactive, educational program of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children that provides age-appropriate resources to help teach children how to be safer on- and offline. The program is designed for children ages 5-17, parents and guardians, educators, and law enforcement. READ ON...

Tools and Tips - New Mind Your Mood App for Teens

New “Mind Your Mood” App for Teens
In an exciting move, Astra Zeneca has launched the Young Health Program’s first mobile application, Mind Your Mood, for Apple and Android devices. The app allows young people to record how they feel each day without drawing unwanted attention from
peers. READ ON... 


Tools and Tips - ABCs of Mental Health

Hinks-Dellcrest has recently released a great resource - the ABCs of Mental Health. Parents and teachers often have questions about the behaviour of children and adolescents. They may worry about whether a behaviour is appropriate for a particular age or developmental stage, or a sign that something might be wrong. They may wonder why it is occurring, and how best to respond. They have developed two free web-based resources, one for parents and one for teachers... READ ON...


Spotlight On... New Vic West Club

We are pleased to announce that as of September 4th, the Vic West Club is officially open and with 30 participants currently registered in the program, things are already buzzing around the Vic West Community Centre! With tremendous support from... READ ON...


Tools and Tips - Getting Kids Outdoors

Take a moment to think about your childhood summers. Are you building rope swings, exploring forests, or chasing friends in green fields? No doubt you cherish outdoor experiences that generated a sense of freedom and discovery.  Are your children getting the same opportunities? If not, what are the consequences of a childhood removed from nature? Here are some tips for keeping your children safe while introducing them to ‘nature’s playground’.  READ ON... 

Tools and Tips - Choosing a Summer Camp

Choosing a summer camp program for your child involves some research and decision making. You will consider safety, price and structure, the experience of the staff and the camp director and the overall reputation of the camp. Our first piece of advice is to get started on your research early! The camp experience could have a significant impact on your child’s life and your mental health! Here are some other tips on making this important choice. READ ON... 
   Summer Camp fun

Spotlight on.., Rite of Me

Rite of Me is a self-esteem building exercise disguised as an outdoor activities program. Hosted at our Outdoor Centre, girls 10 – 13 years old take part in archery, rock climbing, the low ropes course, hiking, ‘The Amazing Race’, cooking, team building games and crafts under the mentorship of dedicated staff. While this program is definitely about having fun, the emphasis is placed on self-reflection, goal setting, and building positive female relationships. READ ON... 

Tools and Tips - Cyberbullying

Bullying of any type is bad enough, but cyberbullying - when someone uses the internet or mobile phone to bully others - can be particularly distressing for the person on the receiving end. Latest research tells us that as many as 1 in 3 children have been victims of cyberbullying. READ ON... 

Spotlight on.., Central Saanich Club

Our Central Saanich Club is one of three community clubs that provide out-of-school programs for children and youth ages 9 - 14.  The club is in a small community with few services for youth. Many of our participants have limited means to pay the membership or program fees so we run the program on a modest budget. Despite this, we are constantly finding new ways to grow and enhance the program. These initiatives are obviously working, because programs are rapidly increasing in popularity! READ ON... 
   Making sushi

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