Spotlight on... Central Saanich Club

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...Central Saanich Club

Our Central Saanich Club is one of three community clubs that provide out-of-school programs for children and youth ages 9 - 14.  The club is in a small community with few services for youth. Many of our participants have limited means to pay the membership or program fees so we run the program on a modest budget. Despite this, we are constantly finding new ways to grow and enhance the program. These initiatives are obviously working, because programs are rapidly increasing in popularity! 

Check out the latest statistics:

- Youth Drop-in numbers rose from an average of 9 a day at the end of last year to 13 a day this year. 
- Keystone Youth Leadership Group has increased its membership by 60%
- Over 50% of the participants in each of our Boys Only and Girls Only Groups are new club members this year. 
- Our Culinary program (Eat Around the World) had 55 youth apply for only 48 spaces. Approximately 90% of those who applied are new to Boys & Girls Clubs.

Making sushi

The ‘Eat Around the World’ program is a partnership with Bayside Middle School. Twice a week staff from Boys & Girls Club facilitate a culinary exploration of the world at the school. In addition to cooking international foods, the students also learn a little bit about other cultures and share their experiences on blogs they have created. 
Here’s what some of the kids had to say on their blog:

"We loved the crepes! They were delicious and really fun to make and eat! We were surprised at how simple the recipe was and we are definitely going to make them at home. The fondue was yummy as well!"

"Some people hate tomato's and others love them. we all think that hummus is really easy to make and we learned how to say hello and goodbye."

"One thing we thought was interesting about Japan is that before you eat, instead of saying "enjoy the meal" or "I hope you like the food I prepared" for you what they say actually translates as "I am sorry about the terrible food I have prepared" or "this food is not  good enough for you, please forgive me". What we learned from our experience in making sushi is that you have to wet your fingers before touching the rice because it is extremely sticky."

"The most interesting thing we learned about Italy is that if you throw spaghetti agenst the wall and it sticks it means it's ready and in 50 years time the Leaning Tower of Pisa may fall over. the whole wheat spaghetti is a bit harder then the white spaghetti."

Our relationship with Bayside Middle School is mutually beneficial. It gives us a higher profile in the school and the wider community and introduces new youth to our programs, which leads to higher attendance at the club. The school benefits too. Making hummus

Shirely Em, Principle of Bayside says: 

"The hard work of the Club staff has lead to large, happy and diverse groups of students getting together to have fun and experience that sense of belonging they truly value during their middle school years. These groups include a cross-section of different students; giving them a chance to make new friends while enjoying activities with fun and resourceful leaders."

By coming to the school to deliver programs we help overcome some of the barriers youth experience about coming to the club while helping youth become familiar with the positive programming we offer. This is just one example of how Boys & Girls Clubs thinks innovatively about the best way to meet the needs of youth in the community.

Thanks to Talia Ingram and the team at Central Saanich Club for doing such a fantastic job.

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