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Supporting Parents in Greater Victoria!

Children and youth don’t come with instructions and that’s where our Parenting Programs can help! All programs and workshops provide safe, non-judgmental, confidential environments that honour the individual while delivering practical ideas and skill building. They are based on the concepts of attachment theory, personal responsibility, personal self-care, and placing family relationships first. Parenting Programs offer parents the opportunity to add to their own knowledge by discussing contemporary issues facing children and youth, sharing strategies on how parents can best support their child and/or youth, and discovering tips and tools to walk with them on their journey to adulthood. For those who are experiencing parenting challenges, feelings of isolation may be reduced by connecting with other parents with similar experiences. Offering everything from one-time Evening Community Workshops, to 4-10 week workshop series and programs, we are here for parents! Learn more at Parenting Programs. You will be warmly welcomed...

"...parenthood is a relationship." quote by Dr. Gabor Mate. Parenting is all about the relationships between parent and child or youth and honouring the strengths of each person, however old they may be. "I wish every parent would explore learning about the parent-child relationship! What a difference it's made in our family." - JW & IS, 8 - 21 year olds

What does Attachment Theory mean? Well, it is a basic human need that shapes behaviour; it is a balance between connection with each other and independence from each other; and empathy is at the heart of attachment. There is more to attachment which will support you in your role of parent as your children grows to adulthood - are you curious? All Parenting Programs include aspects of Attachment Theory practice. To begin, Are They Talking? Are You Listening? speaks directly to building onto the attachment based relationships created within your family! "I'm using the new communication skills I've learned and ... my daughter and I are speaking with each other more respectfully..." LK, 15 year old daughter

Or, have you been fired from being the parent in charge of health and safety as your children ease into their teens? Navigating Ages / Stages of Adolescence might be a great workshop to begin or continue your exploration of parenting theories! "Makes me realize some of our issues I have created by not treating my child as an equal person." NR, 16 year old son

How can we nurture our children's nature in ways that support and strengthen their development and the relationships for the whole family? Temperament - Nature and Nurture! workshop examines family dynamics and their impact through the lens of temperament. "I am more patient and better able to look at the big picture and less worried about little things. I am more accepting of my daughter's 'quirky' ways and have less judgment about her actions." CD, 13 year old daughter

Quick Tips:
Thank you to Barbara Coloroso, Kids Are Worth It, as she summarizes some messages for children and youth that could support development of resiliency and attachment in families.
1. I believe in you
2. I trust you
3. I know you can handle life situations
4. You are listened to
5. You are cared for
6. You are very important to me

Contact Jan Townsend at Parenting Programs for more information.

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