Coastline Employment Program

These programs reinforce the need for youth to take responsibility for his/her action, and view this as one factor in rehabilitation of youth. The programs are highly involved with reintegrating youth into the community and can act as a conduit between youth and their return to their family unit. Finally, these youth justice services are supportive of the legislation that states 'that the purpose of youth sentences is to hold young people accountable through interventions that are just, provide meaningful consequences and promote rehabilitation and reintegration.'

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Coastline Employment Program

Boys & Girls Club Services of Greater Victoria introduces the Coastline Employment Program, a transitional program from any of the Full Time Attendance Programs (FTAP) in the province of BC. Eligible youth are aged 15-18 years, on probation having completed the FTAP condition on their probation order, require continued structure and routine in order to transition that success to home, and view employment as their next step to decrease exposure to the criminal justice system. Accepted youth will receive opportunities for employment related to their community, their set of skills, and/or their future career path. The program aims to place youth in jobs that provide them with an increased skill set and prepare them for future career goals. The program adheres to principles of Trauma Informed practice by creating safety, empowering participant choice and control, and applying strength-based approaches to service delivery.

Program includes:

  • Resume, interview, and employment tutorial
  • Certificates and skills training
  • Wage-subsidized internship placement of three months
  • Mentorship from employers
  • Support and facilitation during potential conflict between youth and employer during internship
  • A collaborative approach involving the program coordinator, employers, youth workers, probation officers, and youth and their families
  • Funding for gear and equipment required for employment Interviews with youth post-program to discuss their success, progress, and future goals

For more information, please contact:

Coastline Employment Program Coordinator - Shawn Kangro
Phone: 250-686-9122
Contact Program Coordinator​​

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