These programs reinforce the need for youth to take responsibility for his/her action, and view this as one factor in rehabilitation of youth. The programs are highly involved with reintegrating youth into the community and can act as a conduit between youth and their return to their family unit. Finally, these youth justice services are supportive of the legislation that states 'that the purpose of youth sentences is to hold young people accountable through interventions that are just, provide meaningful consequences and promote rehabilitation and reintegration.'

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EDGE - Experience, Direction, Growth, and Education

The EDGE Program stands for Experience, Direction, Growth and Education. The EDGE is a provincial Full-Time Attendance Program (FTAP). The program is a community-based alternative to being in custody; and will give youth the skills to integrate into their home community. 

The Edge has the capacity to house 5 males between the ages of 12 and 19 years old that have a FTAP condition on their Probation Order for up to 4 months.  

Participants live with Care Families in the community and work with a Primary Youth Counsellor to develop a plan that reflects each participants’ strengths and needs. Participants will also engage in small group programming designed to build capacity and resilience to support your transition back into your home community.

Youth referred to the EDGE program must have an FTAP condition on the probation order. Referrals come from Youth Probation Officers. All referrals are screened by the Provincial FTAP screening committee to determine eligibility. To refer a youth please fill out the Provincial Full Time Attendance Program Referral Form and email it to kira.lavoie@gov.bc.ca or fax at 250-953-3710. 

EDGE Program - Youth & Family brochure / Professional brochure

FTAP EDGE Program Orientation Handbook
For more information, please contact:

Gord Irving - Youth Justice Services Manager 
at (250) 384-9133 Ext. 212 or email: girving@bgcvic.org


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